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Lac Le Jeune Resort

Published on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

May usually marks the stillwater fishing season in the Thompson-Nicola region. Like most lake fishing enthusiasts, we like to load up the boat and head up from Vancouver to catch some fine rainbow trout. There has been a delay this year, due to the late departure of winter, or late arrival of spring, whatever you want to call it. Most lakes had ice on them a couple weeks longer than usual.

A couple of weeks ago, Nina’s family was visiting from Denmark and they wanted us to travel to Lac Le Jeune with them. Several years ago, they visited the area by chance during a stopover to Banff and they really enjoyed the few hours while they were there. I have never been, but have constantly heard fly fishermen bringing it up over the years so was curiously to check it out.

A couple of days before we headed to the lake, I was informed that the lake was still frozen so I chose not to bring my fishing rods. What a mistake that was! I was ready to make a shuttle run back to Vancouver to get them when I saw no ice on the lake upon our arrival. Although I was not able to wet a line, it was going to be a good stay when I noticed the abundance of wildlife in the area.

Our accommodation for the trip was Lac Le Jeune Resort. Normally when we go lake fishing in the Thompson-Nicola region, we either camp or stay at a hotel in Merritt or Kamloops. Never had I expected to find a fine resort in the middle of no where. Lac Le Jeune Resort is not what you’d call a luxury resort, but you can sense its warmth as soon as you step into it. The resort provides two styles of accommodation. You can either stay at the lodge rooms or rent an entire cabin nearby. The resort sits slightly higher than the lake so the view is absolutely breath taking at anytime of the day.

Lac Le Jeune Resort

Cabin at Lac Le Jeune Resort

Lac Le Jeune

The birds were being fed at the doorstep. One can just stand there and watch them for hours. Our host settled us in right away when we arrived and informed us that dinner would be served at 6:30pm. Already impressed, we were even more pleasantly surprised when it was time to dine. The dining room sits by the lake, so we could watch loons, beavers and of course, trout, splashing about while we ate.

Dining at Lac Le Jeune Resort

Dinner menu at Lac Le Jeune Resort

Dinner at Lac Le Jeune Resort

Dessert at Lac Le Jeune Resort

At first Nina and I were concerned that we would not have anything to do at the lake without our fishing rods. The alternatives solved that problem pretty fast. We walked along the lake shore on both days and the wildlife kept us entertained. Nina’s family also thoroughly enjoyed their visit as the lake lived up to their expectation. They were most fascinated by these huge beavers that always seem so busy around the lake. I was able to practice my photography on the birds and squirrels that couldn’t get enough of the feeds on the resort’s patio.

Red squirrel at Lac Le Jeune

Here is a short video of some of the wildlife footages from Lac Le Jeune.

After seeing some fine rainbow trout jumping on both evenings while we were there, I am now itching to return with my fishing rods.

A video feature on the Learn to Fish program

Published on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

We just finished producing a video feature for Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC‘s Learn to Fish program.

Learn to Fish is an exciting initiative designed to introduce participants to recreational fishing. The age specific, fun, and hands on lessons make it a perfect fit for youth and their families as well as organized groups of all ages and abilities. To date the program has been a tremendous success, and has been delivered to over 55,000 youth and their families across the province!

Currently the Learn to Fish program runs out of two of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s Visitor Centres located in Abbotsford and Fort Steele (near Cranbrook), Greater Vancouver urban lakes, the Lower Mainland, Kamloops and Okanagan region Provincial Parks, and Southern Vancouver Island region lakes.[/p]

Good fishing at Squamish lakes

Published on Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Last week Nina and I went to Alice Lake and Edith Lake in Squamish after they were just stocked with Fraser Valley rainbow trout by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. The fishing was great, just as expected. The weather co-operated too for once.

Here is a video from the trip. It is in Danish as we made it for Nina’s new fishing blog, but subtitles are actually available in the video. To activate subtitles, simply click on the close caption option (a “CC” button at the bottom left corner of the video frame).


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