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BC Fishing Articles and Stories

Featured Fisheries

Chilliwack River Summer Salmon Fishery
Lower Mainland anglers can enjoy catching chinook salmon in July and August in the Chilliwack River.

Trout Fishing in Lakes
British Columbia's trout fishing in lakes can be considered as world class fisheries. Anglers have hundreds of lakes to choose from.

Fraser Valley Cutthroat Trout
Coastal cutthroat trout can be caught in the Fraser Valley between August and April by either bait, lure or fly fishing.

Fraser River White Sturgeon Fishing
The largest freshwater fish species is found in the might Fraser River. Find out where, when and how to catch them!

How-to Articles

Planning the Perfect River Salmon Fishing Trip
Salmon fishing in Southwestern BC's rivers can be excellent in October and November, here are some useful tips for new anglers.

Short Floating Explained
Short floating is an effective technique used for catching Pacific salmon in rivers of British Columbia, this article explains.

Jumps and Splashes
To capture an image of a fish jumping, you need a proper camera, precision, bit of luck and plenty of practice.

Float Fishing with a Spinner
This article explains how float fishing with a spinner for salmon in British Columbia rivers is done.

Fishing Spots

Marquart Lake, Merritt
This little lake near Merritt offers good rainbow trout fishing in spring and fall. Camping and other outdoor activities are also available.

Durrance Lake, Mount Work Regional Park
This so-called urban lake is surrounded by dense forest and abundant wildlife while providing good trout fishing for families.

Thompson River, Kamloops to Spences Bridge
This large tributary of the Fraser River can be excellent for rainbow trout fishing in the summer months.

More fishing locations...

Fish Species

Winter Steelhead
Between December and April, winter steelhead is the number one target species for anglers in Southwestern British Columbia.

Coastal Cutthroat Trout
Coastal cutthroat trout are anadromous trout that travel between coastal streams and estuaries.

White Sturgeon
This prehistoric-like species in the Fraser River is the largest freshwater fish species in the world and a popular catch and release species.

More fish species...


Fisheries Overview
There are many different recreational fisheries in British Columbia for both local and visiting anglers throughout the year.

Fishing Blog
This section features our fishing trips on a regular basis. The archive contains hundreds of past trip entries.

Estuary Fishing
Estuary is where rivers meet the ocean. While it can be a productive fishing area, conditions are often challenging.

Fish Biology
Can you tell the differences between all five Pacific salmon species? Why do some fish live in a particular area?

Fishing Locations
This large section contains articles on both freshwater and saltwater fishing spots in British Columbia.

Fly Fishing
This unique fishing technique is both fun and challenging. Find out the what's, how's and why's in fly fishing in this section.

International Fishing
Beside featuring British Columbia's fisheries, we also travel at times. This section contains articles on fishing in other parts of the world.

Saltwater Fishing
British Columbia's saltwater fisheries produce excellent catches of salmon, halibut and other groundfish species.

More Articles

Getting Started
If you have never tried recreational fishing in British Columbia, then this section has a list of articles to guide you into this fantastic pastime!

Coarse Fishing
Minnows and other less known fish are fantastic target species for parents to introduce fishing to their children. Find out how to catch them!

Fishery Issues
These articles discuss issues on conservation, ethics, regulations in British Columbia's recreational fisheries.

Fish Recipes
If you are wondering what to do with your catches in the kitchen, then this section has a few ideas for you.

Fishing Photography
Photography and fishing often come together in our trips. Find out how you can take better photographs of your fish and fishing partners!

Fly Patterns
This section offers a selection of freshwater and saltwater fly patterns that are commonly used in British Columbia.

Lake Fishing
British Columbia's lake fishing is considered world class. Find out how to catch trout, kokanee and bass in these articles.

River Fishing
These articles offer information on salmon, steelhead and trout fishing techniques in rivers of British Columbia.