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The People Who Make it Possible

Rodney Hsu and Nina Manique. Photograph by Mark Sakakibara
Nina Manique

Nina Manique has also been involved on Fishing with Rod since the beginning. Beside making sure our content remains error-free and moderating the discussion forum, she has been the person behind the video camera since our video section was established.

Nina also has a Danish fishing website called Lystfiskerinden that features fishing trips in British Columbia, catering Scandinavian anglers who wish to visit and fish in this province.

Rodney Hsu

Fishing with Rod is founded and owned by Rodney Hsu, who has been a keen recreational fisherman since the age of five. With an academic background in fisheries biology, Rodney is currently a public advisor for the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, a director for BC Family Fishing Weekend Society and a representative of Fisheries and Oceans Canadaʼs Upper Fraser Valley Sport Fishing Advisory Committee. Each year, he also invests in a community kids fishing event called Fish for the Future, which he has organized since 2003.

Our Contributors

Our website is only possible due to content submission from our contributors. The following individuals have been our valuable contributors since 2001.

  • Adrian O'Connor, Reel Obsession - Fishing reports
  • Al Patton, Tunkwa Lake Resort - Fishing reports
  • Brad Stubbs, Kootenay KingFisher - Fishing reports
  • Brian Hampson - Discussion forum moderator
  • Carlo Ng - Photography and articles
  • Chris Gadsden - Articles and photography
  • Daniel Krenz - Articles
  • Dion Lauriente - Articles, photography and discussion forum moderator
  • Evan Patterson, Bites-on Charters - Fishing reports
  • Fred Watts, Nicola Valley Outdoors - Fishing reports
  • Jeff Hale, Fishing Tofino - Fishing reports
  • Kitty Kanhoffen - Photography and videos
  • Mark Sakakibara - Photography and articles
  • Nick Basok - Articles and photography
  • Noel Gyger - Fishing reports
  • Shane Ito - Photography and articles
  • Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters Sportfishing Centre - Fishing reports
  • Vic Carrao, STS Guiding Service - Fishing reports

If you would like to become a content contributor on our website, please contact us.