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Congratulations to Dan and Kitty!

Published on Monday, July 11th, 2016

So we have been off the radar for a few days again, but for once it has not been fishing related. My rule on Fishing with Rod is usually to keep our personal life events private but over the years many of you have developed a relationship with us so once awhile we’d like to share our special moments with you.

Since FWR started in 2001, I’ve watched many young fans growing up from as early as elementary school to grown men and women. Many learned how to fish through the website, and some gained advices from me personally when it comes to career choice. Beside making me feel like a dinosaur, it has been a very rewarding process. 

Dan first joined the website back when he was in high school. He was even busted one day for skipping school to go fishing by his teacher who’s a friend of ours after he posted his trip on the discussion forum. Beside being obsessed with fishing and living up to his forum handle “everyday”, he has also successfully become a fish culturist at Go Fish BC.

Two years ago I invited Dan along on a filming excursion after another colleague pulled out in the last minute. He brought his then girlfriend Kitty who had only been fishing for a couple of years. After seeing how humble and passionate she is when it comes to learning and teaching others, she has since become a key member in our video productions, and a dear friend of our family.

Last weekend, we were honoured to be a part of Kitty and Dan’s wedding, and I’ve put together a short video to celebrate this special occasion. Please keep in mind that I normally film fish, and the music was their choice while watching this.

Congratulations to the young couple!


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