Back at home waters

Published on January 23rd, 2009 by Rodney

Since I touched down at YVR on Monday, thick fog just did not want to leave the Lower Fraser. It is the type of weather that makes you want to tuck away in your cozy room, but it does not take long for cabin fever to set in. Yesterday the fog dispersed slightly, so I sneaked out to one of my nearby fishing hangouts to see if a fish would tug my line. I was quite shocked when a chunky bull trout sped into the shallow water and attacked my spinner with no hesitation after a couple of casts. Unfortunately it did not stick on the hook. A cutthroat trout showed itself a few casts later, but it also set itself free.

With the sun burning away the cold moist air, I just had to go back and find those fish again. Once again a chunky bull trout did not hesitate to chase an artificial in 6 inches of water. It missed the spoon completely and left a puff of mud behind. I guess these fish are quite hungry in the winter because it only took a few more casts to coax it back into the shallows. It ran out of luck. It is good to be back at home waters.

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