A pictorial journey of Danish spring

Published on May 9th, 2009 by Rodney

You may have noticed that there have been less activities on the website so far this month. The reason being that I am once again back in Denmark. The colours of Danish spring are much more vibrant than its grey winter. Here are some photographs that I wish to share with you.

The flight over, on Lufthansa’s 340-600 again, which are finally installed with PTVs so the flight seemed extremely short for once. Interesting landing, so hard that two of the compartments opened up two rows ahead of me and one smarty decided to unbuckle and stand up just a couple of seconds after the front wheel touched down so he could close them. Well, I guess someone forgot that the airplane was going from 200kph to under 100kph in a few seconds. He tumbled and rolled forward in no time. Luckily no serious injuries, except perhaps a few bruises and embarrassment. The seat belt sign is there for a reason after all.

I’ve become rather paranoid about my luggages so I stood and watched to make sure they were loaded. All ten rods made it without damages.

Sunrise. Our place is just a few hundred meters from the east coast so the view is pretty nice at 5:00am.

Downtown Copenhagen again… This photo would look better with lots of pedestrians in front of me I think. Normally the area in front of me is just packed, but I guess that I must stink or something, they all decided to take the longer route when I crouched down to take a photo like a typical Asian tourist.

Spring time means street performers.

You don’t really have to get too far out of Copenhagen to see big fields. This is the area where Nina grew up in, probably about 20 minutes drive out of Downtown Copenhagen.

Another field shot…

More field shot… plus local resident…

Close-up of local resident…

There are many little harbour/fishing villages along the coast here, which are really relaxing to walk around. The pedestrian streets are narrow and every corner is worth exploring. The houses are a couple of hundred years old. The exterior retains its historic look while the interior is completely modernized, making these some of the most expensive properties in the country. This particular village is just a short drive from our place.

Here are some bird photographs that I took while walking around the harbour.

These blackheaded gulls lose the black head in the winter. A few months ago I took a photo of them too in this blog entry.

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