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Welcome to our "Ask an Expert" section. In this section, you can submit a question on any fishing-related topic, such as fishing technique, fish identification, or fishing regulations. We will then forward your questiont to the appropriate individual in the field, such as a fishing guide, fish biologist or fishery manager so it can be answered. Both questions and answers can be found in this section.

Mystery Fish Species
Mystery fish species from BC

Q: In augest 2008, I was fishing in the samson Narrows outside of Cowichan Bay and caught what looks like a 7 inch cod of some sort. We think it may be a new species but not sure. We would like to know what this fish is. Can you please help us out? It has transparent fins and has 2 antennae comming out of the back of the head. It has a very small tail and sharp tapered body. I would very much like to have this fish identified by someone. Thank you!


A: Hi Corey,

I personally have never seen this fish before and cannot identify it. I forwarded the photograph to several colleagues and Dr Eric Taylor at the UBC Fish Museum was able to answer your question. The mystery fish species is a longspine combfish (Zaniolepis latipinnis), a member of the greenling family.

Rodney Hsu
Webmaster of Fishing with Rod and Public Advisor of Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC

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