Advertising on Fishing with Rod!

Fishing with Rod offers cost effective advertising campaigns that cater your marketing needs in the sport fishing industry. Our objective is to assist the growth of our clients in this competitive market, so we are constantly adjusting our strategies to meet your needs.

Why Advertise with us?

Here are just a few reasons that you should advertise on Fishing with Rod.

  • Over 5.8 million page views and 370 thousand unique visitors in 2013, this is the most visited sport fishing website in British Columbia and continues to expand rapidly!
  • Over 10 million video views and 28,000 subscribers since 2006, we have the most viewed Canadian sport fishing channel on YouTube!
  • Keeping our audience updated and engaged, our content is added on a daily basis and presented in the most current interface!
  • Our marketing strategies are dynamic and flexible, we utilize the power of social media to reach your potential customers.
Our Social Media Taffic

As of December 31st, 2014

Our YouTube Channel

  • Launched on March 2nd, 2006
  • Number of videos: 405
  • Number of video views: 10,206,378
  • Number of subscribers: 28,242

Our Facebook Page

  • Launched on May 1st, 2009
  • Number of fans: 6,998

Our Twitter

  • Number of followers: 1,697

Our Discussion Forum

  • Launched in July, 2003
  • Number of registered members: 7,262
Our Website Traffic

Total number of unique visitors

  • 191,563 in 2010
  • 279,920 in 2011
  • 309,596 in 2012
  • 377,327 in 2013
  • 471,173 in 2014

Total number of visits

  • 674,611 in 2010
  • 891,656 in 2011
  • 940,510 in 2012
  • 1,099,781 in 2013
  • 1,199,304 in 2014

Total number of page views

  • 4,958,301 in 2010
  • 5,743,503 in 2011
  • 5,402,370 in 2012
  • 5,890,585 in 2013
  • 5,691,570 in 2014
2014 Advertising Rates

Below is an outline of services that are offered in each advertising campaign and their rates. Start your advertising campaign now!

Campaign Features Premium Advertising Campaign Deluxe Advertising Campaign Basic Advertising Campaign
Homepage advertising banner location Letterboard
- preview -
Left column
- preview -
Right column
- preview -
Homepage advertising banner size 500px X 80px 150px X 250px 150px X 100px
Subdirectory advertising banner location Top left
- preview -
Top middle
- preview -
Top right
- preview -
Subdirectory advertising banner size 300px X 80px 300px X 80px 300px X 80px
Link placement in directory listings Yes Yes Yes
Optional introductory page Yes No No
Discussion forum advertiser account Yes Yes Yes
Facebook media releases 10/month 3/month 1/month
Twitter mentions 10/month 3/month 1/month
  Start Campaign! Start Campaign! Start Campaign!
  • All rates are in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes are not included.
  • The minimum advertising period is three months.
  • Advertising banner designs are included in each advertising campaign, however company logos and additional graphics are to be provided by the clients. If the advertising banners need to be changed during the campaign, a fee of $30.00/banner applies.