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How to Fish Videos

Our "How to Fish" video tutorials are short instructional fishing video segments that cover fishing techniques, fish identification and fishing etiquettes.

Title Duration
River Float Fishing with Lures 14 minutes 40 seconds
Drop Shotting for Trout 8 minutes 22 seconds
Spoon Jigging for Kokanee 6 minutes 25 seconds
Kokanee Fishing Secrets 13 minutes 58 seconds
Know Your Coho Salmon 4 minutes 11 seconds
Crabbing in Vancouver 8 minutes 27 seconds
Trolling for BC Salmon 5 minutes 28 seconds
Filleting a Halibut 4 minutes 17 seconds
Jig Tying Tools 4 minutes 14 seconds
Salmon & Steelhead Jigs 3 minutes 59 seconds
Spincasting for Estuary Coho 8 minutes 17 seconds
Pink Salmon Jigging Setup 12 minutes 3 seconds
Pink Salmon Spinning Setup 12 minutes 31 seconds
Artificial Bait for Trout 12 minutes 5 seconds
BC Lake Fly Fishing Setup 7 minutes 5 seconds
Choosing a Spinning Reel 2 minutes 44 seconds
Choosing Lures 3 minutes 0 seconds
Choosing the Right Float 2 minutes 22 seconds
Fraser River Bar Fishing 33 minutes 28 seconds
Handle Your Reel Correctly 1 minute 53 seconds
Spinner Fishing 2 minutes 20 seconds
Spoon Casting 3 minutes 26 seconds
Attaching a Float 4 minutes 28 seconds
Float Balancing 4 minutes 6 seconds
Fishing Weights 2 minutes 41 seconds
Curing Salmon Roe 8 minutes 22 seconds
Salmon Trolling Essentials 5 minutes 34 seconds
Tidal Fraser Bottom Setup 3 minutes 13 seconds