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Fishing Websites in Japan

Here is a list of fishing websites found in Japan.

Ayu Fishing Ayu, one of the most popular sportfishing species in Japan. Learn the what, where and how of ayu fishing (English).
Breakwater Fishing This page caters Japanese anglers who enjoy venturing on breakwaters and targeting reef fish species. Updated fishing reports, detailed fish profiles and photos can be found (English and Japanese).
Chatblanc Flyfisher's Page Flyfishing in Japanese small streams for native wild trout, char and landlock salmon (English).
Craft House Mana This website features some traditional Japanese fishing methods for stream species such as ayu and amego (English).
Japan Flyfishers This club was launched in 1982 to cater fly anglers in Japan (English).
Ken Kamoshida's Fly Fishing Page This webpage contains excellent information on fly fishing in Japan from regulations, flies to fishing locations (Both English and Japanese).
Lure Fishing in Japan An excellent website that features different lure fishing techniques for saltwater gamefish (Both English and Japanese).
Mario's Fishing in Japan On this site, you will find several beautiful fishing places around Kitamoto city, where the author lives (Both English and Japanese).
Partridge & Orange Club A website for the fly fishing enthusiasts in Japan (English).
Rise! Rise! Rise! An excellent flyfishing website based in Japan. Check out their beautiful photos of native chars and trout (English and Japanese).
Sportfishing in Nigata City and Japan This is an excellent website with detailed Japanese fish species profiles, fishing locations and updated fishing reports (English).
Trouts and Seasons of the Mountain Village in Japan This is an excellent website that contains information on salmonid species that are found in Japan (English).
World Fly Fishing of Japan To promote the sport of fly fishing to all generations through educational seminars and trips and to form Team Japan and support the World Flyfishing Championship and Conservation Symposium (WFCCS).