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Fishing Websites in Denmark

Here is a list of fishing websites found in Denmark. is a popular sportfishing discussion forum in Denmark. Beside the discussion forum, it offers online chats, auctions and trip planning (Danish). This Danish website contains information on fishing spots, licensing information, charter boat details as well as accomodation recommendation. A website perfect for foreign anglers (In Danish, English and German).
Brakvand This blog by Henrik Leth features stories of fjord fishing along the Danish coast for sea trout, mullet and northern pike (Danish).
Claus Qvist Jessen An informative website about travelling, sportfishing and photography around the world (In Danish and English).
Danish Fly Design This website offers a fantastic selection of Danish flies with step-by-step tying instructions (Danish and English).
Danish Fly Festival The Danish Fly Festival is an event organized by the Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark once every two years (Danish and English).
Dansk Surfcastingklub A club website dedicated to a special style of fishing in Denmark (Danish).
Denmark Fishing Outdoor Lodge The first of its kind in Denmark, offering accommodation for fishermen, guided fishing, fine cuisine and other tourist attractions.
Fahlbæk Sø A put and take lake in Denmark that offers trout and other mixed species fishing.
Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark The largest flyfishing organization in Denmark (Danish).
Fishmadman Based in Denmark, Per Fischer & Jesper Fohrmann have an excellent archive of dry flies & riffling hitch flies tied on tubes.
Fisk og fri A Danish angling magazine that features articles and fishing reports from both Denmark and around the globe (Danish).
Fluefiskerne Vestsjælland Information on flyfishing on the west coast of Sjælland can be found on this website, including techniques, locations, fly patterns (Danish). This website primarily caters fly anglers in Denmark. It features fishing spots, flytying recipes, fish cooking recipes and an active discussion forum (Danish).
Forlaget Salar & Wide Open Outdoor Film This websit publishes DVDs and books, as well as fishing tips and sample videos, on all fishing disciplines in Denmark (Danish).
Go Fish Silver This website features many photographs and videos of coastal sea trout fishing in Denmark, as well as an active blog section (Danish and English).
Hvilested Lystfiskersøer Trout angling lakes near Kolding. The lakes are stocked with rainbow trout, sea trout and brook trout (Danish and English). Ivar Thordal provides a good resource on flyfishing in Denmark for English-speaking anglers (English).
Just One More Cast This website, by Daniel Holm and Jakob Madsen, contains information on a variety of fishing topics. Its information is not just limited to fisheries found in Denmark but also stories from exotic fishing destinations around the world (Danish).
Kystdage Kystdage (coast day) provides regular blog entries on beach fishing trips around Denmark (Danish).
Kystfluer An excellent database of common flies used for beach fishing in Denmark (Danish).
Global Flyfisher An international flyfishing website. A large section is dedicated to flyfishing in Denmark (English).
Jens Bursell Articles and photography from three decades of experience are offered on this personal website (English).
Lars Matthiessen's Weblog Lars is a Danish angler and the inventer of a stripping basket known as (English).
Mayfly En Fluefiskerblog This blog features stories on flyfishing in Danish streams for trout and grayling (Danish). The official Danish matchfishing portal with event calendar, clubs, results and much more!
Ministry of Fisheries Find out about licensing and fishing regulation before tackling the Danish waters (In both Danish and English).
Poppelsøen's Ørredvand A put and take lake in Ballerup, a town near Copenhagen. It offers fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, atlantic salmon and steelhead (Danish).
Sea Trout Fyn A good guide on sea trout fishing in Denmark.
Sportsfiskeren A popular magazine and website widely used by Danish anglers (Danish).
Team Desti-Nation Established in early 2009, Team Desti-Nation is a website maintained by Stig Guldborg and Dennis Sorensen. The website features blog, news, interesting links and a discussion forum (Danish). This website offers articles on trout fishing in Denmark, as well as some information on saltwater kayak fishing (Danish).