Mystery Fish Contest #9 Result

Answer: Coho Salmon

Mystery BC fish species

The mystery fish species in our nineth mystery fish species contest is a coho salmon, or Oncorhynchus kisutch.

The main feature of a coho salmon include small spots across the dorsal region/back and white gum inside the mouth. This is a female salmon at the adult phase in the river prior to spawning. As coho salmon approach spawning, their body colour becomes red, which can be seen in this photo. The adipose fin of this coho salmon is absent because it was raised and released from a hatchery. In Southern British Columbia, many rivers have hatchery planted coho salmon, which anglers can retain while wild coho salmon are required to be released. Please check the regulations on what species of salmon you are allowed to keep when fishing at a river in BC.

Out of 227 entries, there were 181 correct answers (80%). There was not one most common incorrect answer, but a series of incorrect answers include chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead were submitted.

The winner of this contest is Scott McConkey, who is receiving a free fishing birthday party for ten children at the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery and Visitor Centre in Abbotsford!

The fishing birthday part is 2.5 hours long and action packed. Party goers will take a guided tour around the trout hatchery, learn about fishing and finally catch some big trout at the fishing ponds! If you are interested in booking a party, please download this pamphlet.

The Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery and Visitor Centre is operated by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia, which is funded by revenue from your freshwater recreational fishing licence. Beside raising and stocking trout, char and steelhead at many lakes and rivers in this province, the society is also responsible for developing new angling opportunities and restoring endangered species. For more information, please visit

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