Mystery Fish Contest #8 Result

Answer: Tench

Mystery BC fish species

The mystery fish species in our eighth mystery fish species contest is a tench, or Tinca tinca.

Tench is a freshwater species in the cyprinid family (minnows) and it is closely related to carp. They are mainly found in both Asia and Europe. In Europe, this species is targeted by coarse and match fishermen. Their main characteristics are the yellow/brown body colour, large square-like tail, round fins and small scales.

This species was exceptionally more difficult to identify for British Columbian anglers because they are not native in this province. Tench have been introduced into parts of North America, but they have been absent in British Columbia, until recent years. The specimen in this photograph was caught at Christina Lake in the Kootenay Region. Many thanks to Dion Lauriente for providing the photograph.

Out of 108 entries, only 26 participants could identify this species correctly. Out of the 82 incorrect answers, the most common answer was carp.

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First Light Fishing and Tackle, Burnaby

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