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Author Topic: 10 American foods consumed by Americans but banned in other countries  (Read 1313 times)


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"Americans are slowly waking up to the sad fact that much of the food sold in the US is far inferior to the same foods sold in other nations. In fact, many of the foods you eat are BANNED in other countries.

Here, Iíll review 10 American foods that are banned elsewhere, which were featured in a recent MSN article.1

Seeing how the overall health of Americans is so much lower than other industrialized countries, you canít help but wonder whether toxic foods such as these might play a role in our skyrocketing disease rates."

#1: Farm-Raised Salmon
#2: Genetically Engineered Papaya
#3: Ractopamine-Tainted Meat
#4: Flame Retardant Drinks
#5: Processed Foods Containing Artificial Food Colors and Dyes
#6: Arsenic-Laced Chicken
#7: Bread with Potassium Bromate
#8: Olestra/Olean
#9: Preservatives BHA and BHT
#10: Milk and Dairy Products Laced with rBGH
Disclosure:  This post has not been approved by the feedlot boys, therefore will likely be found to contain errors and statements that are out of context. :-[