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Author Topic: Supreme Court refuses to hear NVF&G appeal of Minnie and Stoney lake Case  (Read 2460 times)


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After the BC Court of Appeal tossed out the lower court ruling supporting Nicola Valley Fish and Game club contention that Minnie and Stoney Lake were public (at least in part) and accessible over public right of ways - the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal that NVFGs lawyers felt was a slam dunk for a hearing. The Court of Appeal confirmed many of the points of law from the first case except that granting access over DLCC land so the public could fish either lake was beyond the power of the Court. The SCOC refusal indicates the justices found there was no possibility of an error in law on the Court of Appeal ruling. This effectively closes the case on this file and likely other challenges such as the claim there is a public right of way at the north end of Corbett Lake near Merritt.
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