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Author Topic: Conservatives tried to get tough on gun crime -- the Liberals blocked them  (Read 322 times)


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In my mind's eye, the Liberals seem hell bent to block anything to do with firearms "control" and even more so gangs and guns, unless it comes from them, and only them.

What they did this last week is flabbergasting:

Conservatives tried to get tough on gun crime -- the Liberals and NDP blocked them

"Remember last May when the Trudeau Liberals used the Nova Scotia mass killing as an excuse to ban 1,500 models of “military-style” rifles and shotguns owned by law-abiding Canadians? (That number has since crept up to 9,500 models and perhaps 400,000 individual guns.)

The justification given for this largest firearms confiscation in Canadian history was public safety. Somehow taking long guns away from hunters, farmers and skeet shooters was going to encourage drug dealers and gang members to stop using handguns to kill one another.

So explain this to me: If the Liberals are so intent on reducing gun crime, how come they and the NDP banded together on Wednesday to defeat a Conservative MP’s private member’s bill that would have increased penalties for people who smuggle illegal guns into Canada?"