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Author Topic: 2 dead wild coho and 1 dead wild steelhead  (Read 15792 times)


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Re: 2 dead wild coho and 1 dead wild steelhead
« Reply #45 on: September 13, 2011, 03:14:50 PM »

AF, you misenterpret our comments....its this comment people think is out of line and somewht hypocritical:

By the way, you say there is nothing wrong with the sockeye fishery so I would ask you to identify which of the following you have NEVER witnessed while sockeye fishing:
- lack of knowledge in species identification
- lack of care for fish (shake n baking)
- tendency to litter
- tendency to be aggressive
- cheating of the system (double dipping)
- overall callousness for the resource
- retention of snagged fish
- excessive catch and release for flossed fish

My guess is that if you have fished ONE DAY on the Fraser you would have witnessed most of this, if you have fish longer, then I think you agree most if not all of this list is easy to observe on any bar on any given day during the flossing season.  And realy its a season now and not just the sock opening, people are flossing like mad when the springs show up (early season) to when the pinks and chum run (later sesion) and everything inbetween.

I agree.

I think im going to walk into a tackleshop right now and say I accidentally killed a Thompson steelhead bbecause I didnt know how to identify it. It will spread another negative rumor, and hopefully work towards shutting this fishery down.
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