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Author Topic: Bent Rods 2016 walk and wade Steelhead Trips  (Read 966 times)


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Bent Rods 2016 walk and wade Steelhead Trips
« on: December 10, 2015, 07:59:31 AM »

 Steelhead season for most anglers consists of long days, in poor weather, casting time and again for a fish that seems to not be there.

 How many times do we see a handful of anglers working a run with no fish caught only to have an angler arrive who quickly hooks a fish or maybe two in water flogged by others.

This is the nature of Steelhead fishing. Its not that this lucky angler had a secret bait or lure, the real reason for this scenario is simply a matter of having confidence in what you are using combined with good presentation and placing said offering in the exact location that these elusive fish prefer.

Having fished for Steelhead hard for 25 years, I have slowly created a system of finding these fish in all water conditions and many water types. I have experimented with techniques and over time developed a gameplan for consistently hooking fish.

My Steelhead walk n wades are not a matter of pointing out a spot to an angler to have him cast at a fish. I instead teach anglers how to read the water, how to present the chosen offering to the fish and have total confidence doing so.

I also focus on terminal gear choices for success, creating a daily gameplan and the importance of a strong mental approach to hunting steelhead.

Whether your a novice angler looking to take your Steelheading to the next level or a Steelhead beginner hoping to crack the secret code of finding this elusive fish, I can definately shave years off the learning curve.

Prices for the Walk n Wade Steelhead trips are 1 angler $300, 2 anglers $400
To book a Steelhead walk n wade for yourself, friends or family simply email us at

I will add that these Steelhead walk n wades are a great gift, you can give someone a gift that will increase their enjoyment of something they love doing, that is priceless.

Tight lines and Bent Rods
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