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Author Topic: The Liberal gun ban now sits in limbo  (Read 282 times)


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The Liberal gun ban now sits in limbo
« on: September 30, 2020, 01:11:30 PM »

The Liberal gun ban now sits in limbo

The federal government has quietly withdrawn a call for bids from contractors to pay compensation to gun owners whose firearms were suddenly outlawed in the Liberalsí massive May 1 gun ban.

... hereís what I think the bid failure means: The gun ban is going to become another Liberal promise left in limbo.

The Trudeauites announced the gun ban to capitalize politically on Gabriel Wortmanís mass killing in Nova Scotia in April, the worst mass killing in Canadian history.

But now that they have to implement the ban, itís too hard (and perhaps too expensive).

So the Liberals will do what they do with most of their promises. They will do a lot of virtue-signalling about how they are making Canada safer, while doing almost nothing to follow through.