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Author Topic: Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 29, 2020  (Read 307 times)

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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 29, 2020
« on: May 29, 2020, 09:52:32 PM »


We are at the end of May and things continue to move in the right direction both on the world front and the fishing front. Though it has been a slightly cooler than average this past month, fishing is ramping up.  As we look to June we are hearing of more things are starting to open in terms of access and operators including our own saltwater charter operation that we are hoping to open up in early June.  If you’re thinking of a trip don’t hesitate to call us on the charter line (778.788.8582) and we can chat dates!   

This week we have a great lake fishing update from both the Squamish direction and the interior as Jason was up that way taking the new boat out for a test fish.  We also have a late addition on the lake info front as Jordan and Zach where up the Kane Valley as we were writing the report yesterday and we have some great fish pictures as well as pictures of the fly that was getting the job done. Check that out in the lake section and we will have more details on the Kane valley trip next week!

With lake fishing in mind, Matt broke open his lakes box and shared some of his best essential lake patterns in a new video in the What’s in My Fly Box series on our YouTube channel. Make sure to check that video out here -

Speaking of flies, we are giving away a FREE chironomid box!  Details on how to enter are at the end of the YouTube video above. We also have these boxes in the video for sale. We have the essential “Meat and Potato Lake Box” with some must have trolling / cast and strip patterns for $149.99 and then we have an essential Chironomid box with a great selection of the flies you will need if you are tackling this fishery. If you are new to lake fishing or would just like to add these key patterns into your kit call the shop at 604-872-2204 or email , you can pay via credit card and we can reserve one for you or come down to the shop and pick up these boxes while you’re in!

On the saltwater side of things there are lots of places producing fish, from Howe Sound, South Bowen, and Thrasher Rock. Check out Jason’s Saltwater report for more details on what gear and depths he’s fishing this time of year.

For a little change up from all the trout and salmon fishing,  be sure to check out Alex’s post spawn bass report and our updates on the Capilano.

As always if you want to see the video version of the report click here where Matt goes over all the updates and he also shares some cool flies from Andre this week as well!

Read on for this week's full report:

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