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Author Topic: Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 1, 2020  (Read 304 times)

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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report: May 1, 2020
« on: May 01, 2020, 10:54:31 PM »


Welcome to May!   We can’t believe it is already May and are looking forward to the month ahead.  On the retail front we continue to be open for phone and email orders with curbside pickup or shipping options.  So, feel free to call us at the shop (604.872.2204) or send an email and we can get your gear ready for you!  We can’t wait to have you actually in the shop!
On the fishing front it looks as though the weather will continue to push rivers into freshet. We are seeing very high discharge levels on all our rivers right now. With warm rain coming this weekend, expect the Squamish and Chilliwack rivers to be dirty and fishing to be limited. We will talk more about that in the freshwater section of the report and Matt has a little piece in the video report on the difference between river discharge and river levels.
The Harrison is also rising hard and though fishing should still be excellent for cutthroat, foot access is becoming an issue and boat launch access is also an issue. Check out details in the Harrison section.  Regulations have changed on the Vedder to fly fishing only below Vedder crossing with the upper river being closed so keep that in mind if you are heading out.
For the saltwater anglers salmon fishing continues to be good off the south end of Bowen and bottom fishing opens in specific areas today! Consult your regulations for where it is legal to bottom fish before you head out. The first week or two of the opening is usually quite good.
On the lake front, local lakes continue to be good and are continuing to be stocked, so check out for stocking reports.

We know that many of you are looking to the interior for lake fishing opportunities. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic at this time we still feel that going to the interior comes with a massive amount of social responsibility.   Access is extremely limited and we are also hearing about crowding issues because there are only a handful of lakes that are easily accessible. As we have noted in previous reports if you are going fishing, stay close to home and follow all of the regulations and guidelines which are outlined on the Province of BC’s website.
With that in mind we have our focus on getting ready for lake fishing with a hope that things will become more feasible soon. Jason and Matt are setting up the “ultimate” lake boat right now and we want your guy’s input! Send us your pictures of your lake boats so we can all drool a little but also think about setup ideas. Email your pictures to Matt at We will be sharing more updates on this front over the next month on this quest for the best all round 2-man lake boat including boat options, anchor setups, sounder options, and all the fun things you can do to pimp out a punt or small lake craft.
On the video front we released the first video in a new series aimed at tuning up your fly casting indoors. If you are itching to get out fly fishing but just can’t make it happen this video series looks at a cool way to set up your fly rod so you can practice in your living room! In this week’s episode we look at the basic role cast but have some exercises that you can do right now to get really good at transitioning from left to right. Setup the living room with some targets and spend 10 mins right now and you will help keep your casting skills on point

Last but not least, we are announcing the winner of the What’s in Your Cutthroat Box Give Away in this week’s video version of the report and Matt will be going over all the fishing details as well so be sure to watch that video!

Link to this weeks full report here - click on it to get to all the videos noted above!


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