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Author Topic: Interesting CFL /NFL prospects fare greatness or bust!  (Read 8904 times)


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Lions signed a prairie boy Andrew Pocnic a running back. Film on this guy looks good.
27 TDs in 10 games !!!
Maybe a season will actually happen.
Players maybe have to use "masks" at games spaced out ...( not on drugs silly distancing sheeeeeh )
One a play ref throws a flag. Penalty.
Argos are lined up at Lion 5 YD. LINE to kick winning FG with 3 sec on clock.
OL player reached over and ripped off Lion DL player's medical mask.
After penalty yards marched back it's 3rd down Argos with the ball but they are on Argo 40 YD LINE.
Big penalty to rip off medical mask of opposing team  ;D
On 3rd down the Argos throw a long bomb Hail Mary throw.....INCOMPLETE !!!! Yes yes yes another Big BC Lion win in the 2020 season !!!
( guess Argos should of called an Our Father pass  ;D)

Watched CBN ( 700 Club ) today and they had a story on the QB prospect ( seen a story on him last night on sports channels) Tua Tagovailoa.
He's a lefty...been a few famous left arm throwers in pro ball.
But he had a hip injury so ??? He claims to be 100% and ready to go.

Time will tell if these two young guys with fanfare will be "great players ..super star material or total flops !!!
Andrew Harris ....Jon Cornish .....maybe added to list Andrew Pocnic. next Lion star I hope.
The wait and see is killing me.
Corvid 19 I command you....bluah ( blowing sound )  ;D