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Author Topic: Landlocked COHO in a lower mainland lake  (Read 5857 times)


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Re: Landlocked COHO in a lower mainland lake
« Reply #15 on: August 21, 2019, 03:20:37 PM »

Not sure if I can shed some possible light on things.  Cannot confirm without a shadow of a doubt, but will relay two "Fraser Valley" experiences as a Maple Ridgeite.

One involved a lake that contains trout and Crappies.  This was likely 40 years ago now.  My dad would take us on the lake in a canoe and troll wedding bands.  One kid in the canoe, another on the dock.  While having my turn in the canoe, my brother was fishing the dock and then there was some excited yelling and lots of commotion.  We paddled back to the dock and my brother had the largest fish I had ever seen out of this lake.  It did not make it back into the lake, and I believe the fish made it into the local paper.  It was a Kokanee.  As I remember it, it was reported as 3 lbs.

On another river system, there was what seemed to be a lake in a gravel pit we discovered, a decent ways from the river itself.  It was pretty small and enclosed, but had decent fishing.  On a few of our trips, we would catch what we thought were decent 12 inch trout and bring them home from time to time.  A few times, we brought home what we later learned were Jack Coho.  It seems when the water would get very high and flood, water would flow into this, what I am guessing, was a rock quarry like lake.  My assumption is at times like this, fish would make their way into this quarry lake an get trapped.

Food for thought.  Long time ago experiences that I thought would be long done.  If still happening, that is cool and speaks to the resilience of fish species and their ability to survive.

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