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Author Topic: Bent Rods Guiding and Tackle - Salmon Spinner Season  (Read 1900 times)


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Bent Rods Guiding and Tackle - Salmon Spinner Season
« on: June 27, 2016, 07:01:35 AM »

 With strong runs of Chinook Salmon being reported along the coast of BC and already showing in Northern Rivers it's time to get yourself some of the deadliest Lures at enticing big Salmon.

 The Bent Rods Cascade Spinners are one of the most effective Salmon lures in a multitude of techniques.
I have caught both Chinook and Coho with these lures with the following techniques.

Trolling - all 3 sizes I make are good for trolling, for Chinook Salmon #6 and #7 are the best sizes. We will troll them in rivers, lakes, and Ocean.
If targetting Coho I use the #5 and #6.

You want to keep them a few feet above bottom and often added weight is needed to acheive this.

Casting - again you will need to add weight to get them to desired depth. Once you have found the right weight, cast them at holding salmon and swing them by the salmon slightly above bottom.
I use the #5 and #6 for this technique.

Anchored fishing - For this technique anchor your boat in Salmon travelling lanes and cast them out with added weight to get them to spin just above bottom. My youtube videos provide great detail on this technique.
In the Fraser, I start to favor this technique over spin n glos once the river clears to 2 feet visibilty.
all sizes of my spinners work well anchored with my favored sizes #6 and #7.

Float Fishing - For float fishing I use the #5 spinners and float just as you would a Colorado blade under a float. Big Chinook will often smash these blades when all else has been ignored, it makes the angry and entices them to hammer your Spinner.

If your interested in Cascade Spinners go to our tackle store at and we have them for sale in 2 packs of all our patterns or simply order your Cascade Spinner Kit.

New on the Bent Rods Salmon Spinner line up is the "BIG Bomber" weighted casting Spinners.

These heavy weight Spinners are the ticket for casting to Chinook and Coho in those faster flowing Rivers that are throughout our province.

These Spinners are a number 6 French blade with a large heavy body to match. I created these Spinners as I could never find a spinner that would get down to these fish in many spots they will hold in our rivers.

Also of note is a few friends who fish ocean beaches for Salmon are reporting the best fishing they have ever had bombing these Spinners out past where other fisherman can cast to and smashing Chinook and coho.

The Big Bombers come in 6 different patterns

-Silver blade/chartreuse body
- Silver blade/ blue body
- brass blade/orange body
- brass blade/ pink body
- copper blade/ purple body
- copper blade / copper body

These big bombers are great for casting to Chinook, Coho or big bull trout holding in deep pools or heavier water.
Guys have been crushing Big bull trout with them throughout BC, they are a must have if your bull trout fishing.

These blades can be purchased by emailing your order to or calling me direct at 604 845 9893. We will have them on the site asap for easy ordering.

So go check out our website and get yourself set up for success.

Tight Lines and Bent Rods
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