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Author Topic: STS Update for May  (Read 2114 times)


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STS Update for May
« on: May 06, 2012, 08:41:27 AM »

May 2012


Get Ready for the 2012! 
Starting lifting those weights, it's going to be a great year on the water.

Wow, what a great start to the season, March was a great month for Steelhead, lots of big fish this year which gives us great encouragement for the upcoming salmon season. More often than not the steelhead runs give us an indicator on how fish have been feeding while in ocean waters. 2011 we saw lots of smaller steelhead in the 6 to 10 lb range which is smaller than average, salmon returns in 2011 were much the same, especially the chum salmon which were way below average size.
The 2012 season steelhead were averaging 10 to 14lb with lots of fish in the 14 to 18 lb range. If this is an indicator our salmon should be coming back big and strong. Fraser River opens August 1st for salmon fishing, lets cross our fingers and hope for a good strong run.

Sturgeon Fishing is Heating up 
Sturgeon fishing started off with a Bang in March, First half of April was good, lots of big fish landed but we really had to work at finding fish that were hungry. The last few weeks have been excellent with some beauty fish landed in the 6 to 8ft range.
The last week has been nothing short of spectacular for spring fishing, lots of big fat fish hungry and ready to do battle. 

 This 7ft 11 was landed last week by our group visiting from Alberta.

Over the next few weeks we probably see some of the best fishing of the spring. Fish are hungry, lots of smelt in the river so fish are aggressive and taking the bait. The last two days we have landed over 25 fish in the 3 to 7ft range in the Mission area. If you can come out on short notice the next two weeks should be red hot.

Here's a beauty 7ft sturgeon caught just above Dewdney Slough

As many of of know some of the best sturgeon fishing is yet to come. Without a doubt, late summer through to middle of November is best for big fish. Our October weekends are at 90% sold, weekdays are about 60%, if you are planning on joining us this Fall, best to book soon before it is too late.

Salmon Season Starts today.
Salmon fishing in Vancouver has just started to pick up, although you can fish salmon 365 days, the bigger more aggressive fish start to show up now.
Over the next 3 months all guests wanting to catch a few salmon will have several choices to choose from. River fishing will not be an option as the Fraser will not open until August 1st.  You can fish the Vancouver area for feeder and migrating Chinook Salmon  or we can fish the Gulf Islands for larger Vancouver Island Chinook. 

We are super excited for the arrival of our new ocean fishing machine. Hells Canyon Marine is building us a new 28ft twin engine Pilot House Boat that will give us one of the nicest boats on the water.  The boat arrives in late June but until then we have rigged our 22 ft HCM with downriggers and a trolling motor so we are ready to go on Monday morning.

     Experts in Ocean and River fishing for salmon & sturgeon

Fraser Canyon Whitewater & Sturgeon Adventures

If you have never experienced the Fraser Canyon you are definately missing out on one of our premier fishing adventures. Spectacular scenery, white water experience, great fishing and maybe even a little skeet shooting.


Canyon adventures are limited to one group per day riding in our 28ft twin engine whitewater jet boat. Maximum capacity is 12 passengers so you can enjoy the day with customers, associates or just a group of friends.

Best time to Experience the canyon is August 15 to Sept 30
Upper Pitt River Trips Start in 21 days
  The trout fishing trip is an adventure in itself. We meet at Grant Narrows in Maple Ridge ( 45 minute drive from Vancouver) Grant Narrows is a park located on the south end of Pitt lake, we then boat across to the north end of Pitt lake( 35 minute boat ride) then run our jet boats up this narrow shallow river approximately 15Km and fish our way back down the river. This river is remote with limited access.Lots of wildlife viewing opportunities, including black bears. You can fly fish or spoon fish for sea-run bull trout up to 12 lbs, good numbers of trout between 2 to 5 lbs with the odd fish between 5 to 10 lbs. There are also cutthroat and rainbows in this river. The cost for this trip is $750.00 for 1 or 2 anglers, includes boat, guide and all tackle.

STS has been guiding the Pitt River since the early 90's, first walk and wade, then rafting and now running our high powered jet boat up this prestine river. The Pitt is definately one of my favorite trips in the entire region. This trip is not just about fishing but an adventure into one of BC's best kept secrets.
Best time to Experience the Pitt is June 1 to July 31 for Bull Trout, Salmon is best from August 15 to Sept 15.
This river is 100% catch & release
Give is your feed back,
New Fishery for 2012
Fly Fishing for Summer Run Steelhead
 Fishery to Open July 1
Would you like to do some fly fishing for summer run Steelhead, well for the first time in over 18 years of guiding STS will be offering guided fly fishing  for summer run steelhead. Please call or e-mail us for more details.

We hope to see you in 2012, it going to be a great year on the water.
Come join us for another great season of catching salmon, trout and sturgeon in Vancouver area.