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Author Topic: Got another toy today...nother reel for the 9wt  (Read 3421 times)


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Got another toy today...nother reel for the 9wt
« on: September 07, 2006, 10:41:00 PM »

I'm dumping my Hardy's...(they are newer ones and just not the sheits like the old ones)...also they really piss me off "trying" to deal with them...what a joke...Anyways, i traded in the angel and got the islander Ir-4 which i showed you guys already...I took in the swift today and was pretty much set on the islander lx-4...was more then set, that was the reel i went in to get...So the boys said, before you trade it in we want you to look at this one....oh boy, big mistake...I'll give you a hint...Stop a Sub drag.....finish was a little nicer...drag was insane..AND the thing that really made the sale...I can switch spools and have one for the ocean or spey rod on the same reel if i go down that road in the future...Couldn't say no to that...SO my 9 wt is now sporting an Abel super 8 on it...Reel was 22 more then the islander but spools are 50 less...they have a deal and if you buy the ocean/spey reel with it..(they offer a combo deal) you end up paying about half for the spool then if you buy it separately.......BRING ON THE SALMON ;)
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