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 on: Today at 09:52:59 PM 
Started by KarateKick - Last post by Fish Assassin
Where do you buy Welol? I've never heard of it before. But then I seldom use anything but flies these days. I have haunted craft stores for over 60 years and always seemed to find something that could be used for fishing.

Ian, since Wenol is a metal polisher I would imagine you can buy it from any Hardware store. It's been years since I bought my tube and have forgotten where I purchased mine. A little goes a long way.

 on: Today at 09:52:13 PM 
Started by A-BOATER - Last post by bbronswyk2000
You seem like a nice guy but religion is a personal choice and should not be on forums such as these. I am an atheist and I would expect that if I started preaching why I am to you on a fishing forum it would not go over well.

 on: Today at 09:44:11 PM 
Started by A-BOATER - Last post by A-BOATER
Yes Rodney I do know "faith" is a very touchy subject.
Been banned from what was that website BC Sportsfishing or something in the past & looking back it was my fault.
Was new at not only forums but also basically the computer.
Live & learn.

I do truly enjoy being a member here, & guess the title of the post that was deleted was the issue. Bet if I just titled it " Happy Easter to all " all would of been ok. My guess anyways.

The actual post was short.

Know your caught between a rock & a hard place because members do have a "say".

Anyways I'll stay on as a member & if I cross the line in the future or if members complain please do just ban me as do not want to hinder.
Actually on another fishing website posted a very long Easter post & told why I believe & was ready to accept the fact I may be banned from there or given a warning. So far they have accepted me or maybe just bear with me  ;D

Anyways Rodney if I get banned by yourself in the future, I fully understand.(just know you Nina & little one will always be well thought of.)

 on: Today at 09:39:21 PM 
Started by island boy - Last post by RalphH
I didn't notice any weird patterns on the dorsal fin. it was olive/brown in colour and big brown/yellowish spots all over,  and yes you can tow  a boat to the campsite.

brook trout have red spots with blue halos and cream worm like squiggly markings on the dorsal surface of the back... very distinctive.

 on: Today at 09:30:40 PM 
Started by island boy - Last post by phillyeagles89
could you tow a boat up there?

I towed my 12 foot boat up there with my ford ranger back in early October. Road can be pretty rough in some spots but as long as you take your time and be careful you'll be fine.

 on: Today at 09:28:45 PM 
Started by KarateKick - Last post by firebird
I had never heard of Wenol either. I will give it a try. I've used Brasso on lures ... it's not great. Here's a link to a site where Wenol can be purchased.

 on: Today at 09:23:05 PM 
Started by KarateKick - Last post by Daguru

 on: Today at 09:00:10 PM 
Started by dave c - Last post by island boy
lack of calcium? my dr told me that i had double the normal calcium intake and have the amount of acid intake that caused mine.

 on: Today at 08:46:54 PM 
Started by A-BOATER - Last post by Rodney
Had a couple of complaints as it is not appropriate to bring religion into a fishing discussion forum. I agree, so the post was removed.

A, just confirming, you want me to delete your account? Whether you want or not, it won't determine my mood so make the decision which makes you happy.

 on: Today at 08:38:50 PM 
Started by A-BOATER - Last post by A-BOATER
Answer : Powers that be decided that it be deleted! ( ???? )

It's your website & yous can run it as you will.

I'm not mad or anything like that but please do take away my membership.
I'm sure that will make you happy.

Nevertheless all the best to everyone & all the best for this website.
FWR has great info & is definitely one of the best best in posts & vids.

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