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 on: Today at 01:20:38 AM 
Started by flyrod - Last post by clarkii
Hmm lets see, spend $74.95 on a dry fly line, or $89.95 for one with InTouch series.

The perception has the same stretch as all the InTouch series, it is the $75 lines that have more.  Taper will be different then the Gold (which is different then the Grand).  If you decide you really want the Perception over the Gold and Grand, then go for it.  However if you find out you want the Gold or Grand, I would save the $15 and buy the regular series for the reason below/

I think is that Rio is making suckers out of a lot of people.  Unsurprisingly, as part of the Farbanks group they have a similar business model to Sage.  difference of course is that lines are constantly getting changed as opposed to rods.  If you look on the stillwater side of things, the Connectcore in a density compensated sinking line with built in hang markers is only $79.95.  So I am going to bring up the new InTouch camolux and the older Camolux.  The older camolux, which was translucent colour, was $74.95.  The new one, which is very visible but a great line in other applications is $79.95. 

Now I have been very happy with my Rio fly lines, I own a discontinued Trout II that is remarkable, the InTouch Camolux (warranty return on the Old one, loop broke [very good experience, sent it in and no questions asked got a new one back), and the Skagit Max.  Rio makes solid lines, I just do not believe the no stretch is worth $15 more then the same line tapers without the connectcore.

 on: May 21, 2015, 11:55:25 PM 
Started by Novabonker - Last post by shuswapsteve
Finn is neither a marine expert nor a refuelling expert yet the public is supposed to believe his assessment of risk (which is apparently pretty straightforward for basically anyone with access to the internet) based on speculation. The biggest criticism I have is that he provides absolutely zero knowledge of current procedures and practices. How can one take a position like he does without explaining what the current practices and procedures are and what exactly is substandard in the first place and come off as a credible expert?  His cursory description of what takes place is hardly an shining example of proper risk assessment.

In the article he provides no relevant case history to draw upon to suggest that current procedures and practices (which he doesn't elaborate on) are unsafe. In addition, his opinion about LNG ships needing to refuel in English Bay is just speculation which is based on LNG ships not being allowed in Vancouver Harbour because an incident could potentially freeze everything to within 500 metres. This refueling in English Bay was refuted by the Port and Woodfibre. Finn "thinks he knows the answer".  Well, "thinking" and actually "knowing" are two separate things.  Now, Finn could be right, but he provides no facts other than what the incident could potentially create.

Now this doesn't leave the Port off the hook as a little more transparency from them would be good, but if people like Finn want people like me to buy into what they are saying then show me more than just probabilities and speculation.

 on: May 21, 2015, 11:03:34 PM 
Started by flyrod - Last post by Chehalis_Steel
If you don't mind spending the extra $. But even Rio's cheaper lines are so good IME, the difference in casting distance will be marginal.

 on: May 21, 2015, 10:56:53 PM 
Started by bmynbr - Last post by Chehalis_Steel
Lots of whitefish in there. I've caught them with 5wt fly rod and intermediate line with a small minnow pattern. Small spinners would work as well. Besides that, there are some cutties and dollies as well.

Of course the best fishing is in the upper Pitt, but you would need a jetboat to access this section of the river above the lake.

 on: May 21, 2015, 09:27:42 PM 
Started by bmynbr - Last post by bmynbr
Have never really fished the lake before other than from a dock. What kind of fish are in the lake, and what gear would I need to get them. Lol. Any info would be appreciated. And yes I'll be in a boat
Thanks, dave

 on: May 21, 2015, 08:19:11 PM 
Started by Novabonker - Last post by StillAqua
These risk assessments aren't rocket science and, as Finn said, use the history of spills in International and Canadian waters to estimate probabilities; the ones for crude, refined and fuel oil spill assessments in coastal Canadian waters are readily available and fairly easy to follow :
Readily available except, apparently, for the one done by Port Metro Vancouver for the additional ship to ship spill risks. Finn and the reporter are correct to query why they aren't publically available. It raises significant doubts about what the Port is withholding. I don't think the Canadian coastal water risk assessment referenced above included data on offshore ship to ship spill frequencies....if not, the Port has added an additional risk to the already high risk assessments in the report. Inquiring minds want to know..... :-\

 on: May 21, 2015, 08:19:07 PM 
Started by flyrod - Last post by Ry the fly guy
I have it in a 6 weight and I like it it loads well and I can feel the bend in my rod. I'm new to the sport and this is my first quality line but so far I love it and I recommend it.

 on: May 21, 2015, 04:58:50 PM 
Started by flyrod - Last post by flyrod
Have any of you tried these?  If so, how do you compare them to the regular In touch Grand or Gold fly lines. I know that they have a lot less stretch to them.  Your thoughts.................

 on: May 21, 2015, 03:25:27 PM 
Started by Silver - Last post by VA7DDP
You say that the premium tools supplied aren't that great.

When I used to make my own spinners I used this wire former-bender-thingy

That, and a pair of side cutters, was all I used.

That tool gives me nightmares... Hate using it; much easier to use round nose pliers.

 on: May 21, 2015, 08:04:38 AM 
Started by bbwong - Last post by FlyFishin Magician
...or obtain/use a float tube or water craft.

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