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 on: Today at 04:52:56 PM 
Started by halcyonguitars - Last post by Damien
Smart move using a cutting board.  I did that on my tin boat, glued a piece of cutting board to my transom and then screwed my transducer into it, so I didn't hvae to drill into my aluminum hull.  Should have thought of using it for a backing plate on the Yak.  THat will save a few bucks over the scotty backer for sure.

I would totally upgrade my Yak down the road, but for now I have my 14' with 30hp Yamaha that I use most of the time.  But I like to have the Yak on hand to toss into the local ponds, estuaries and Bedford channel out here in Langley when fishing solo.  Found a Yakima roof top fold down J style Yak rack on craigs for $100.  Pretty stoked to use on the top of my Ford Escape Ecoboost.

Wow, sorry for the thread highjack to the OP.

 on: Today at 04:46:30 PM 
Started by Rodney - Last post by Rodney
Well, any longer than that I might as well show the whole thing lol... It's not a two hour movie...

Projects like this are contractual work which I provide for various companies.

 on: Today at 04:00:18 PM 
Started by Pacific Angler - Last post by Pacific Angler

Well at least it is warming up. After a very cold and snowy winter season there is hope in sight. It is starting to feel like spring and with it we should see fishing pick up. In this transition period we have had to deal with heavy rain and snow melt. Most of our rivers have been high and dirty. With it fishing has been a challenge but when things drop, expect excellent river fishing. Salmon fry will start to hatch in numbers over the next 2-3 weeks and warmer temps mean steelhead and bulltrout are much more eager to bite. Check out all the river reports for predictions on when things will come into shape.

Solid reports are still coming off the water on the saltwater scene and with the warming trend expect more boats out and more reports.

Donít miss our course section below as there are a number of not to be missed courses coming up including a number fly tying courses. Now is the time to get tying for the season whether youíre fishing locally or heading off to warmer destinations. Next week we have a very cool course with Denis Gamboa. He is teaching a course on warm water flies. He is considered one of the best local custom tiers. His speed, quality and consistency are legendary. We still have spots in his course and if you are going on a warm water trip or thinking about one in the future you will not want to miss it. In conjunction with the course we are featuring his warm water flies as the product of the week. Everything from bonefish flies, beach patterns to tarpon and GTs patterns are on sale at 10% off. Come down and fill up your box or purchase some samples, then take his course so you can tie them yourself. Call in now before the course sells out or come down to the shop to check out the flies!

Read this week's full report here:

 on: Today at 01:37:03 PM 
Started by Rodney - Last post by Birkenhead
Down voted for only 30 seconds of actual footage even if it is only a trailer  >:(

Curious about the copyright.

Copyright: Gibbs Delta Tackle

They get copyright for your videos? Meaning you filmed this video under contract agreement for Gibbs?

 on: Today at 12:29:56 PM 
Started by Rodney - Last post by Rodney

 on: Today at 10:44:58 AM 
Started by Rodney - Last post by Rodney

 on: Today at 08:25:35 AM 
Started by Noahs Arc - Last post by GENERAL-SHERMAN
I had just walked into lickman to check out the river when the slide happened yesterday. There was  a loud noise and what sounded like an avalanche when the slide started. I got my phone out and video taped it just before it was done sliding. Deffinetly sounded like a blast led to the slide initially but obviously weather had a part in the unstable hillside. Called it in after it happened and the firefighters did a good job responding and blocking the backside of lickman. Glad it didn't make it down and there was no houses involved. The slide seemed to start at the very top of the mountain where the quarry is as well.

 on: Today at 04:46:33 AM 
Started by halcyonguitars - Last post by Ambassador
I had one of those sale $300 Costco packages a couple summers back. I cut up a cutting board and made backing plates for my Scotty rod mounts as the material is pretty thin on those and I was sure would rip out at some point without some sort of backing.
I have since switched to a sit-on-top that I far prefer (Pelican Boost while I save for a Hobie Mirage Drive) - and have kitted it out nicely with rod holders and a fish finder. While a teeny bit less stable, I feel a whole lot safer in it - especially around Ambleside where it can become quite the rodeo from time to time due to winds, currents, and mega-tankers - not to mention much easier dismounting at the shore when the waves are crashing in. Easier to control 2 rods, easier to bring up crab traps, and no chance of getting swamped. Like Damien I have yet to land a Spring on it, but will just cut the line as mentioned should it become unsafe. I've easily landed decent sized Dogfish and Sole down there on it, and battled a much larger beast for a couple minutes before I lost him. Not sure about Springs - hoping for the best - but Pinks will be a breeze. Ecomarine on Granville Island sells cool little kayak parachute anchors that I'm gonna pick up that I can throw out if things get hairy. The guy at the shop has one and was saying really good things about them.

As for lack of storage space - I store mine at Burrard Marina. Comes out to $1 a day for the year. Steps from the water to drop in - and super convenient to drive to and pick up for when we are hitting other waters.

The 2017 Mirage Drive system has a new 180 degree feature I'd love to try out. Sounds like an awesome feature one could activate to prevent a massive Spring from dragging you out into the tanker shipping lanes.

 on: February 18, 2017, 11:26:46 PM 
Started by chris gadsden - Last post by Fish Assassin
Coaches are hired to be fired. Wonder how much longer will the Leaf fans tolerate before they drain the swamp and rid of the current management team especially their so called "advisor" ;D ;D

 on: February 18, 2017, 11:00:47 PM 
Started by chris gadsden - Last post by A-BOATER
New old Boston Bruin coach C J for the Habs is back. He was fired by the Canadians & in his debut a loss.
Winnipeg seemed to tower over the small players & hit them at will. Just a matter of time he will be fired again. Ouch.
Toronto Maple Leafs got no cigar.
As for the Canucks "How sweet it is!" Flames out shot out hit the Canucks but the hockey gods were on the Vancouver side. The W comes on the Pat Quinn statue opening.
What a perfect pass on the OT winner. Great shot too.
The pass was like a curling shot.

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