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Author Topic: Big stories(story)  (Read 882 times)


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Big stories(story)
« on: March 06, 2019, 01:46:57 PM »

World news...Pakistan & India border clashes...possible threat of nuke war..Trump /N Korea 2nd talks,
People revolt in northern S America & soldiers not allowing aid into country...liberal MPs telling all...Trudeau on damage control. Grey hair/ blood pressure times...ex Trump lawyer tell all...
Yes all news in one day !!!
Sports we have Lulay QB retiring ...Ted Lindsay a Red Wing great ( Terrible Ted ) biting the dust at age 93?
Lulay would still be playing if he did not try to scramble & run for extra yds.
Both times he got major injuries it was because he 'd run & get nailed.
Ted Lindsay got the ballrolling for NHL player's rights.
Hope modern day players gave him a gift here & there.
And the big news of the day...maple Leafs are in town. Canucks off two days & Leafs rested yesterday.
Both teams on the same track & ready to go so...who will win ???

Since there will be many Leaf fans invading the Canuck rink we must be nice to them.
In fact give them 4/5 pieces of a Double Bubble gum.
If they chew on big wads of bubble gum they will not cheer as loud.
Kinda like cows chewing will not make many moooo sounds  ;D

All the best to both teams.
Leafs want to win by 10-0.
Canucks want to win by 10-0.
Someone leaked the Canucks plan a few games ago so Leafs also copy cat our plan. :o

Please comment on tonight's game on FA NHL 2018-19 post topic.
I'm not trying to start a new hockey post as wanted to touch on various sports topics. Lulay Lindsay & touch on tonight's match up.
Well well Chris has surfaced from the deep. He finally posted on FWR on the day Leafs are in town.
Hope the Leafs do well Chris & FA & all Canuck fans hope the Canucks do well. (10-0 )
All in fun jesting of course.  :)
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