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I am disturbed - smoked salmon question

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so..I was adding my second load of chips to my true north smoker tonight (about 2 hours into the process), and I noticed a little critter rithing around on one of my pieces of fish. It was about one inch long...and VERY .05 mm. It was a worm nonetheless...and it totally grossed me out!

Does hot smoking kill these things?

Am I going to die if I eat this salmon now?

Shoudl I toss the load?

help...I am disturbed...

If you read this article it will explain about smoking fish and also parasites that may be in the fish and how to kill them. Freeze them for cold smoking and for hot smoking the temp must exceed 150 deg.

Page 2 at the top talks about critters.

canoe man:
good article hook explains it all a bit better
im just concerned about the guy who wrote it
check out his name "chuck CRAPO" ???

so I wonder which one I saw...a tapeworm, or a nemotode.....either one...I am still reluctant to consume it.....ewwww......

canoe man:
well was it movin when ya saw it ;D
its all protien eh :-[


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