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Author Topic: ‘This is not a good news story’: Toronto police lay 260 charges, seize 62 firear  (Read 353 times)


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‘This is not a good news story’: Toronto police lay 260 charges, seize 62 firearms, but says gun seizure this size is disturbing

In yet another gun trafficking bust by the Toronto Police Service — this one dubbed “Project Barbell” — one statistic jumped out.

Of the 62 firearms destined for the streets, 58 were traceable back to their beginnings, and of those 57 came from the United States. The lone remaining traceable firearm had its origins in Canada, a firearm reported stolen by a legal gun owner.

That 57 of the 58 traceable guns originated from the U.S. — primarily Arizona and Texas — speaks to “our border integrity, and the flow of illegal crime guns coming up from the United States,” said Watts.

“While we are here to show the public the results of a successful investigation, this is not a good news story,” said Ramer. “We should all be disturbed by a gun seizure of this magnitude.”

Ramer used the occasion to underline police calls to have Ontario and Superior Court judges handle bail hearings for firearms offences “to hold the most high-risk offenders more accountable for their dangerous actions.” He also called for criminal code changes to see first degree murder charges for any killings in public settings.