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Author Topic: Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report October 7, 2022  (Read 3741 times)

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Pacific Angler Friday Fishing Report October 7, 2022
« on: October 07, 2022, 07:19:02 PM »


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! That said, it certainly doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving when it comes to the weather. We are not complaining about the nice weather but we are getting to the point where the lack of water up the valley is concerning. It is making it hard for salmon to enter our river systems and the fish that are in are becoming stale in the low clear water. The reports are still good in areas where there is water and when looking at Albion numbers, we are doing better than last year in conditions that are not conducive to fish moving into the rivers. Does this mean the fish are late and more are coming? It’s hard to tell but it is very possible. The only problem is when we look at the weather, we are seeing record temperatures and there is little change in the 14-day forecast.   

This low water has made the saltwater fishing excellent all September. Jason has some details on what is going on as we get deeper into October so have a read of his report below. 

For the rivers we have details on the Squamish, Harrison and Chilliwack as well as a sturgeon update where fish have been a little picky but we are consistently hooking fish. 

Last, but not least, this warm fall is extending the interior lake fishing season and we should also see local lakes get stocked. We would actually like to see things cool off but if you are getting out to the interior, we have a report from Jason who has been up a fair amount in the last 2 weeks. 

Matt missed last week with the video report but he is back at it this week.

Here in the shop, we are open regular hours all weekend but, we will be closed on Monday.

Thanksgiving Long Weekend Hours

Friday October 7 | 10AM – 7PM
Saturday October 8 |10AM – 6PM
Sunday October 9 | 11AM – 5PM
Monday October 10 | Closed

On to the report!    [url]]

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