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Hey Folks.

I am looking to get a set of rods built for guiding next season and just have a few questions. I am a guide at Langara and as everyone knows, we are 8oz weights and baits. In the past years I have ran the Okuma Salish 10'6" 15-30 rods, which are great rods but the tips just keep snapping on me and its getting annoying. I have tried to find other rods that I like but I just haven't found a rod that I like with components that last at least a season. I run MR3's (I bought 4 of the new magenta reels to spice things up this season and needed to retire my older reels) , modified so the clicker doesn't make noise when line comes out to avoid attacking mammals lol and as the ease of maintenance for myself. I just have a few questions on parts and need some opinions. In the past I guided at QCL for a short stint and liked the TrophyXL Glass rods but I cannot find the blanks anywhere. I found a company out of the USA and these rods have a little extra length at 11'4" which I really like as we fish 4 rods out of the Ironwoods. I would love to just have a nice set of 4110 or 4120 Sages but you can't just buy tip section blanks and this company will. Im open to opinions on other blanks that guys are building or have built but again, they need to be durable enough for a guest to abuse, like we all know does happen from time to time. Part of the job and I get it. Even lost a complete set up this season by someone missing the rod holder when there was another bite (ps if anyone catches a silver MR3 at Seath Pt, I'd love to have it back haha) anyways!

Anyone have an opinion on this blank?

What reel seats and guides from ALPS are guys using for the salt ?

I decided with going with either Texalium or Woven Carbon fibre grips, due to the fact that herring scales are my enemy and I just like the feel of these and ease of fitting into the rod holders. Anyone have experience with the texalium form ALPS?

Let me know and appreciate any suggestions.

Check out Valley Custom Rods in Chilliwack they are the Rain Shadow blanks and Alps. Iím sure they can help you

Sr SQ:
I built a set of Rainshadow RDR100H for that type of fishing (trolling weights and dipsy divers) with Carbon grips and Pacbay components.
I wrapped mine spiral for conventional reels but pretty sure that blank would fit the bill perfectly for what your doing.
Not sure your location but if your anywhere around Maple Ridge your welcome to come have a look.

Suggest you check out North Fork Composites web site for blanks or Edge Rods for built rods.  They are both Garry Loomis' "new" companies in Washington state.  They came out with a new line of 360 Pro blanks for salmon trolling last year that are composite graphite and fiberglass for increased durability. Used by many of the USA guides and appears to have the durability that you likely need for abuse by inexperienced guests. They also have a variety of carbon fiber handles.

The 360 Pro lines comes in three lengths (9'2", 10'6" and 12'6") that might of interest and the two shorter blanks have 4 (1 to 6 oz.), 5 (2 to 8 oz.) and 6 (3 to 10) rating options.  The longer rod is only available in 5 weight. For downrigger and heavy fixed weight mooching I suggest this one.  Not light at 5.7 oz for the blank but not a factor for trolling.
Cost is $125 US right now but they may give you a discount as a guide if you are ordering a set of rods.

I have the old 1066 version that is intermediate modulus graphite with carbon fiber handle. It is a great rod that I have used for my yearly trip to Haida Gwaii but likely not as forgiving of abuse by guests.  Suggest you call and talk to a rep if these are of interest.  I had mine delivered free to Point Roberts and picked it up there but NFC will ship to Canada for $75 for any number of blanks in the same order.  The factory Edge rods in this blank line have a trigger reel seat for use with level wind reels and would not work well with your Islanders (IMO).


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