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Author Topic: Just The Facts  (Read 835 times)


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Just The Facts
« on: October 04, 2022, 01:14:54 PM »

Bob Hooton:

In recent weeks Iíve commented here on the absence of any acknowledgement of steelhead related concerns in fisheries management decisions influencing stocks originating from the Somass River system near Port Alberni on the central west coast of Vancouver Island. To add clarity for the benefit of those who contend I havenít done sufficient homework to make a case for co-migrating steelhead being completely ignored in management of fisheries targeting enhanced sockeye and chinook salmon, I offer the facts below.

What he describes is one of the many reasons the Stamp / Somas system is largely devoid of steelhead these days. A species I built a lifestyle around is under ridiculous pressure...

With no end in sight...