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ey so I am a 22 year old guy been fishing for a few years now and have as far as I am concerned got my spinning outfits under control.

I now want to get my first fly rod to screw around with. I recently tried purple/pink fluffy sparkly jigs under a float with my spinning rods and the trout seem to love it, Salmon probably would too haha. I want to get a fly rod where I could have (and please, correct me if I am wrong) floating main line with sinking leader and some jigs/flys on the end so that I can get that jig around the same depth as I would have it under a float. Do I have the right idea with this thinking?

I want to spend hopefully $100 dollars or less, but maybe willing to go $150 for a fly rod/reel. I will mostly target trout in rivers/ salmon during salmon season/ maybe try steelhead.

I basically know nothing about fly fishing.

Second hand rods would be fine too off craigslist.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks

Consider reposting this in the Fly Fishing sub-forum instead of Rod Building? It will get more eyes and responses. I'm sure there will be no lack of opinions how to get into flyfishing once the discussion gets rolling...


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