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Author Topic: RCMP Use of Long Gun Registry Information Confirmed  (Read 229 times)


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RCMP Use of Long Gun Registry Information Confirmed
« on: May 03, 2021, 11:40:48 AM »

As many believed, the RCMP apparently did keep copies of the long gun registries after being directly told by Parliament to destroy them:

Evidence shows Mounties kept a copy of the gun registry

"The long-gun registry was brought into being in 1995 with Bill C-68 but was done away with after the passage of Bill C-19 in 2012.

Yet, here was Burlew looking at a document from 2019 with information that could only have come from the registry.

“This shows that there is someone within the RCMP who has deliberately lied to Parliament and the courts.”

“The keeping of these records was calculated and a premeditated act designed to contravene the will of Parliament.”

... regardless of your position on guns, every Canadian should be concerned when a police force actively subverts the laws they are sworn to uphold."


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Re: RCMP Use of Long Gun Registry Information Confirmed
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2021, 10:00:13 AM »

cops are secretive and love to collect any tidbits of encounters with the public. they have databases full of interactions with the public that go well beyond any official info (apart from arrests and convictions).

For example; Officer Unfriendly reports in the cops only database: "IronNoggin demanded his rights when we pulled him over for an unsecured deer carcass. He was very uncooperative and super snarky"

so i'm not surprised the RCMP are ab-using any info they can get their mits on. The real shame with all this "shadow" info is that cops use it and often have an unconfirmed one sided view of average citizens.

which leads to unnecessary and dangerous escalations.

Ironically when I was younger I was very pro-police - but now in my twilight years I'm seeing them much more critically and with mistrust unless I see proof otherwise.
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