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Iíve never had a custom rod built but will be in the near future. Anyone have any tips or ideas? Iím not looking for something flashy with bright colours just a classic look.
Also rod builder recommendations would be a help too.

I build rods, message me if you want some ideas.

Msg sent

Dave built a Sage 2106lb blank up for me a couple years ago that is gorgeous.

I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like. Dave took that and made a couple suggestions that worked beautifully with what I was thinking. When I picked it up I was beyond happy, it couldnít have turned out nicer.

There was rod builder a while ago (+15yrs)  -  rick kennedy who used to build amazing custom fishing rods out of surrey bc...anyone ever know what happened to him? Guy had a real talent. Like a rod whisperer...


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