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Author Topic: BC Lions ...out with the old & in with the new & improved.  (Read 14669 times)


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Re: BC Lions ...out with the old & in with the new & improved.
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2019, 12:56:16 AM »

Hey FA I know you have season tickets for the BC Lions & have been a fan for many yrs so it's fitting you start a new tread the Lions 2019 season if ya wish to.

I'll definately will try to follow most of their games.
After the NHL playoffs & finals in NBA I need a bit of a break....from sports thus have not watched the CFL games on tv so far. Think SK lost to Tigercats & Als lost to Esks.
New coach in SK ???
New coach in Montreal ???
Your the expert on the Lions & CFL so hope ya start a new tread.
Game Sat night BC vs Bombers.
Should be a good test.
Reilly has lots of expectations on him so he better move the ball.
$700,000 per season = show me the $$$ = show me touchdowns OR ELSE...infact many in BC want first place & a trip to the Grey Cup. ( no pressure )