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Author Topic: I found where all the coho are!  (Read 16244 times)


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Re: I found where all the coho are!
« Reply #30 on: October 17, 2008, 03:03:35 PM »

Collectively we should bring more digital cameras while fishing, not only to show off our fish, but to photo document these types of finds and send an email (with pics)  to the DFO and the press as well. Imagine the impact of these issues ending up in the Sun!  It won't fix the solution forever, but more press could help scare off the offenders for a while. Thoughts?
DFO yes, press even if you do, there wont alot of people to actually care for our fish. Some are simply too careless for otherthings than their own life.
but i do infact see that this is a horrible thing too see. its quite sickening to see people do those kinds of things
Nothing to see here, Hmm yes.......
Carry on......