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Title: Question asked of to Prime Minister Trudeau why Chinook Salmon are closed?
Post by: cohochinook on February 19, 2021, 05:57:46 AM
Justin Trudeau states "Science and evidence must always underpin the decisions taken by any government."
Re : Sport Fishing Advisory Board Science Based Proposals for April 1/2021.
It is clear Trudeau has not read the Sport Fishing Advisory Board's data driven chinook salmon proposals. There is clearly science based opportunity for April 1st/2021 in some areas in Southern BC.
The scripted answers continue from Liberal MPs , to the Minister of Fisheries and now to the Prime Minister. Thanks to
Bob Zimmer
for continuing to fight for the West Coast. It is clear BC Coastal Communities and data driven, conservation minded public fisheries plans are low on this governments political, not science based agenda.
There is ample time and tools to implement the Sport Fishing Advisory Boards data driven chinook salmon proposals for April 1/2021. It is time to conserve stocks of concern and throw a lifeline to the BC Coast.