A blank finish

Published on January 15th, 2009 by Rodney

Four hook-ups in one winter outing could be called a successful beach sea trout day. Finally it seemed like some progress after last Friday’s outing. Hoping to sustain some of that luck, I decided to have a beach marathon this week. From Monday until today, I tackled several spots on the west coast of Sjælland from dawn to dusk. Some beautiful waters were covered, but unfortunately the catching part was back to square one. The only action that I witnessed was a school of chasers that swirled in front of me today, at the exact same spot where I caught some followers back in December. Unlike that outing, these fish never came back for a second glance of my fly.

Today’s trip ended this winter sea trout hunt. Statistically, the catching and landing numbers have not been overly impressive.

  • In total, just over 70 hours of beach fishing were done (these exclude the hours spent in the harbour and sloughs where five bigger post spawning fish were caught).
  • 10 different beaches were fished, each averaged around 2km long.
  • Out of 14 trips, fish were hooked in five of them.
  • 10 fish were hooked, only 2 were landed.
  • 7 fish were hooked on lures, 3 fish were hooked on flies.

Although extremely frustrating at times, these trips have been valuable lessons. Local knowledge plays a key factor in this unique fishery. The assistance of several friends and constant studying of maps, waters, wind directions yielded a few hook-ups, which are now good references for trips in the future.

Here are some photographic shots that were captured this week.

Sunrise from Klintebjerg, Northwestern Sjælland.

Up and down the misty beach. On a calm morning, the coast of Denmark is often blanked by thick marine fog. It is so thick at times that you would have trouble seeing where you are casting.

Getting ready for the cast.

Typical sea trout worthy coastline has a hilly background, with a mix of small pebbles, large boulders and algae bed.

Finishing the last trip with a breathtaking dusk setting.

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