Making the best out of my catch

Published on September 26th, 2008 by Rodney

Quite often white chinook salmon are given a bad reputation when it comes to eating quality. Yes, their skin gives off a rather foul odour, which can take forever to get rid of if you are slimed. When freshly caught, they are in fact quite delicious, the preparation is just slightly lengthier and some patience is needed.

After bringing our first white chinook salmon home on September 24th. I filleted and proceeded to prepare it like I would with most white-flesh fish. 

The fillets are deboned and sliced into strips.

Strips are marinated with salt, pepper and various spices.

A batter is made from flour and water. Seasoned strips are dipped in the batter before placed in hot oil.

Each side receives a couple of minutes on the frying pan, until they are golden brown.

Dinner is served!

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