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I haven't posted much lately because I haven't had a chance to get out!!!...Finally got out on Sunday for awhile to fish for sturgeon...I went out with 2 friends and with just getting over a bad cold said I would pilot the boat and watch the fun....After awhile my buddy hooks into a "small one" and passes the rod to me saying that it is too small for him to bother pulling in!...This fish makes several small runs then sulks under the boat for a couple of minutes before we even see him!!! To our suprise when the weight clears the water my buddy says holy crap...look where the tail is!!!...We still cant see the fish because the water is so merky but the tail is around 10ft back of the weight!!!...(we use a 30-36 inch leader)..the fish comes to the side of the boat and we always give a fin a little tweek to see if the fish is tired...wrong move on this fish!!! he is gone like a shot...we drop anchor and head across river with this fish all over the map...we head for a small beach (which turned out to be a mud hole!) where I jump off the bow and sink up over my ankles in mud!!!...I can't move and this fish is still making short runs, we are now fighting for over and hour...I yell at my buddy that I am stuck and he has to get the rod which he he grabs the rod the sturg heads under a log boom which he get it ouit of , then the fish goes back under it again....Finally to the beach and he tapes out at 7ft exactly and around 250lbs...couple of quick pics and away he goes to fight again another day...........

We are quite pleased as this makes our second seven foot plus in the last 2 Sundays ;D



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