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Cold Smoking Tuna

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After about and hour and a half, the loins began to look a little washed out (don't worry - this is normal and will soon be rectified).

Thin Slice & Taste Test said: Good To Go!


Funny thing about that picture - left it up on the phone while I transferred the rest of the fish to totes, then turned, saw this, and actually tried to pick it up and eat it. LOL Yummy already!

Then, onto the racks to dry:

These dried very quickly - as in an hour after hitting the racks with NO fans, they were already crying for the Glaze!

Took advantage of that hour to prep the glaze itself. nearly 1/2 Maple Syrup, a shot of Rum Extract and top off with Black Bacardi:

And apply:

It sucked the first application up within 45 minutes, so got hit again.
Already you can see a color transformation as they darken from the glaze.
Normally I would have hit the fans at this point.
But with dark rapidly buzzarding in, temps into the minuses overnight, and the way these were already sucking up the brine I decided to leave them overnight without the fans. My Buddy hit them with the glaze again at midnight and said "Looking Good".

Today they get rolled around, glazed again, and finished drying with the fans on...

As expected, the loins sucked up the glaze some, leaving just enough on the surface to give them that classic Glassy finish.
Dry to the touch, they are ready for the smoker...

Yet another fine color / consistency change - beginning to look downright appealing!

Load 'em up:

And pour the cold smoke to them:

Ambient air temperature is three degrees. No heat transfer into the smoker. Excellent conditions...

See ya in a few hours...

Initial Taste Test...

Horrible... NOT!!!    ;D


How long did you smoke it? Also, how long does it keep when you cold smoke like that?  I assume you are freezing most of it.

Smoked for 3.5 hours, then let sit as the equipment clears itself of smoke (around another 1/2 hour).

It is completely cured well before the smoke hits it. All that does is add a hunt of color and a little taste.

It would last at least a couple weeks in the fridge if it ever made that far... It never does around here.

The majority is indeed vacuum sealed and frozen for future reference.



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