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Kawkawa Lake, August 7th 2018


Spent a few hours in the heat at Kawkawa Lake today for one last kokanee trip this season. After some searching and intel, found schooling fish at 42 feet of water. Schools were suspending at 33 to 40 feet. We got into a few, but the landing ratio was poor. In total, over a dozen were hooked, only three landed. Krill on the sliding weight rig and jigging a 1/16oz Croc spoons both worked. We also wrapped up our summer filming today. New episodes to come in September.

FlyFishin Magician:
Nice fish Rod!  They're quite a bit larger than when we caught them in April.  I wish I had more time to fish that lake!  Nice way to avoid the crowds for the "other" sockeye fishery...  ;)

Thanks FFM. Actually these ones were quite a bit smaller than what I had expected. In past summers, we have always been able to find at least some fish in the 16 to 18 inches range. That said, it was still a really enjoyable day. It gets pretty exciting whenever a school of kokanee comes across the sounder screen and then the rods start going off.

nice to see you got out on the lake rodney. nice looking fish in the pic you posted. am looking forwards to getting out and doing some soskeye fishing in the next few days. tight lines and happy fishing my friend.


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