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Iona Jetty January 28, 2018


Decided to go try my luck off the jetty, figuring there was maybe herring feeding off there. Rode my bike out to the end and fished on the right hand side. I have a sprained ankle and the rocks were very steep, so casting a sabiki was out of the question for me. Water was very clean, albeit not very deep. Luckily, I brought bait, which was prawns and a single herring I landed the day before in Steveston. Decided to try herring strips for bait. No real action for 2 hours. Only catch was a 5 inch long male Dungeness crab with no pinchers. I really thought there would at least be some Starry Flounder or something kicking around this time of the year. Regardless, it was nice to get out. (If you guys get the chance, the herring fishing at Garry Point is pretty good. I watched an older gent land 1-2 nice sized herring every cast. He was using an 11 foot rod and casting extremely far off the first point. Guess he was getting into the salt wedge where they were holding up. The other guy with the shorter rod that wasn't casting as far was hardly having any luck.)

For herring fishing in point grey, is it tidal related? I guess a fly rod is good to cast  sabiki

Goes to show you - the guy with the biggest rod always wins.  ::)

Heard that place gets loads of dogfish in the summer/early fall months. I've yet to fish it though.

Walked out to the end of the pipe once when I was new to the city. Didn't know how long it was but my buddy and I thought we'd make it to the end and back in an hour then go eat lunch  ::) It's like an optical illusion... you walk and walk but never seem to get any closer to the end. Then you look back and can barely see the car. We wound up eating lunch about 4pm  ;D


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