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Chilliwack River, October 14th 2017



Awsome Saturday outing . After Friday evening at Duncan bar and a hookup with a jack coho released . I met up with a buddy from Hope we dicided to hit the Vedder for the day . Buddy and me don’t go fishing together much since he’s a ways away . So we dicided to meet in the middle so to say . Anyway we started out at first light going on our journey mid river . Hiked a few miles around with no fish in site but gave it the best shot . So we hit the road again in search , and after the “ where do you want to go “ I dunno where do you want to go senario? . I hate that lol . We went up to a spot seen a trail and no vehicles around we headed in . Came up to the river a seen a quiet run with no bodies around . Jumped in and started casting . Took about 5 , 10  minutes I had a take down , it was a heavy fish and once it rolled turned out to be a big buck chum . Good warm up first start . Buddy slamed another. We hooked and landed a few spring . Then it was on , cleared the way for coho to move in . It wasn’t long after i had that nice soft take down and I knew i was into my first coho . My bud for some reason just kept finding chum , to funny . Then he landed a really big silver spring and releast her . Then it was my turn again . Coho on landed . Buddy , another chum  . Then again! The third coho slammed it . Buddy did loose 4 coho in all the fun , I came out with three nice does . Could have limited out if we had stayed for the evening bight . It was good to see my ole  pal though we didn’t say much while fish except for “WHAT “ then nod your head  ;D . Best day I had in a few years there . On another note , I found with the hooks I was using , barbless gammies held the coho better for me than the gammies with (pinched) barbed hooks . Something to do with the shape possibly . Once I ran out of the barbless and used the other , I kept loosing coho , a couple head shakes and the hooks popped out . That happened with the last 4 I had on . Oh well . Best time in a very wry long time . Might not even have another one for awhile . Sorry for all the rambling. Have fun out there  8) no time for spellcheck hope I didn’t write everything bassacwards

Nice story. Memorable fishing with a buddy that you don't fish with much. 

Those ones bring a smile to your face years later.


Sorry , photobucket  didn't work . see if google works.  :)


Hmmm :(


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