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Author Topic: Feedback re: NDP Grizz Hunt Changes - NOV. 2 Deadline!  (Read 983 times)


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Feedback re: NDP Grizz Hunt Changes - NOV. 2 Deadline!
« on: October 13, 2017, 12:21:09 PM »

Surprisingly enough, the Coalition Government is actually asking for input regarding it's suggested changes to the way the grizzly hunt is conducted here in BC.

Specifically, they are seeking input on two policy documents outlining the proposed regulation changes required to implement the ban.

As part of the consultation, input is being sought on:

Changes to manage the ban in hunting areas that overlap the Great Bear Rainforest;
Changes that will prohibit the possession of "trophy" grizzly bear parts;
Changes that will manage prohibited grizzly bear parts;
Changes to prohibit the trafficking of grizzly bear parts; and,
New reporting requirements for taxidermists.

The request can be found here:

The policy documents here:

And comments can be submitted here:

The consultation period will conclude on November 2, 2017.

You all know the anti's will be all over this one.
We best put our best foot forward and get our comments in for consideration as well!
Be polite, concise and to the point folks!!

Many Thanks to all that can help!



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Re: Feedback re: NDP Grizz Hunt Changes - NOV. 2 Deadline!
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 12:22:33 PM »

Today the BC SPCA stepped into this fray, and most certainly NOT in the direction of scientific management! They have made a blatant email request to any that subscribe to them, asking all to send the following "feedback" into the consultation process:

"Dear staff of the Fish and Wildlife Branch,
Thank you for soliciting public feedback and representing me and my fellow British Columbians on this important issue.

I am writing to ask you to end the hunting of grizzly bears in B.C., both in the Great Bear Rainforest and province-wide. As a supporter of the BC SPCA, I stand by their submission.

I support a ban on grizzly bear hunting because:
1. Grizzly bears are too valuable – as a keystone species, their role and value in the ecosystem extends beyond the individual bear. Grizzly bears are blue-listed in B.C. and have low recruitment rates. Their removal through hunting will have cascading effects and result in significant changes to local ecosystems.
2. There is uncertainty in the sustainability of the Ministry’s allowable harvest numbers. Scientific information about grizzly bear population estimates is disputed, and the effect of climate change and a devastating wildfire season is not being considered.
3. Allowing a “meat hunt” will not deter trophy hunters. Some hunters may use the meat hunt as a guise for a trophy hunt, and hunters with non-meat motivations can still pose for photos with grizzly bears they killed and obtain a “digital trophy”.
4. The Great Bear Rainforest is a unique ecosystem with significant cultural and ecological importance. I want to preserve and protect the grizzly bears and the ecosystem of the Great Bear Rainforest, respect indigenous laws and promote world-class ecotourism.
I care about the management of grizzly bears in B.C. Please ensure conservation practices represent the compassionate values of British Columbians.

This under the banner:

The BC SPCA supports a total ban on grizzly bear hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest and province-wide, as outlined in our submission to government (PDF). A total ban will respect Indigenous laws of the Coastal First Nations, preserve the cultural and ecological importance of the bears and their ecosystem, and promote world-class ecotourism.

Their full submission can be found here (only if you're ready to puke):

Interestingly enough, this was circulated above the signature of one Dr. Sara Dubois
Chief Scientific Officer for the BC SPCA. Obviously she now is tossing "science" out the window in this latest pursuit...

This is just one example of what we are up against folks.
PLEASE take a few minutes to get your thoughts in there to!

Cheers & Thanks!