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Chilliwack / Vedder Oct 4


Met another FWR Old Timer out on the Lower Chilliwack River this morning.  River is lowest that I've seen it in a dozen years.  First time I was able to actually walk/wade across the full width.  He had a couple of takes before I arrived but nada for either of us after that.  Cast to a couple of risers but they have lock-jaw.  Water is so clear that they can see us coming from 20 feet away.  Pretty much walked the full length of the river behind Yarrow - that's a REALLY LONG walk for no results.  A good number of mature pinks around.  Not as many as typical though.  They are large and I'm guessing it's because there are fewer of them each was able to get more food.  Nice day for a walk.  Not very many fishers out but now I understand why.   We need some rain but I sense that when it does come that which falls on the land will just get soaked in, and that which falls on the clay slides will simply muddy the water. 

Thank you for the report

Thanks for the report.  I also noticed some really big pinks this year, I remember Vedder pinks being among the smaller stocks but not this year.  The weather forecast is depressing - I don't think Friday's showers will be enough to do anything to help.  Morty, any signs of more fresh springs coming in?


--- Quote from: CohoJake on October 05, 2017, 07:30:10 AM --- Morty, any signs of more fresh springs coming in?

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 I did not see any evidence of Springs at all.  I did hear of one being seen, it's belly had been split open and fish left in the water.


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