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Lower Fraser Pink Report

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Fish Assassin:
Fished the afternoon high tide. Not a soul fishing. Guess the non-retention rule has discouraged some anglers from going out. ;) No sign of pinks. Heard a huge splash on my right as I retrieving my lure. Too big to be a pink. Could be a chinook or chum but likely a sturgeon. Water clarity excellent; 18 inches.

Last sunday was dead at the Mouth of the Fraser the week before it was really good fishing. Given the decline in the Whonnock test fishery I'd say that the good pink fishing is done for the Tidal Fraser at least below Langley. 

Move onto Chum,Chinook and Coho

Thanks for the report

Its not done. I was at a Surrey spot yesterday (Wednesday) and saw a guy catch a Pink on a spoon pretty quick, bonk it, and leave. I was a ways away and went to go see what he caught, he was gone and someone else told me who was Sturgeon fishing there.

Fraser near Coquitlam river mouth was dead this signs of fish and no one catching.

Fished this morning first light at various locations in the valley.  Saw about 10 salmon surface (jump porpoise or fin). 3 seals.  No bites.


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