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Vedder Sep 10

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Decided to make first scouting trip in the am.   Met up with a friend and started our exploration. After many miles walking/crossing the river without a sniff.  We were almost certain this is going to end up as one of those hiking trips with a perpose.  ::)

Just then...  wham!!!  Fish on!!!   

A beautiful spring!!    Though it's a whitey pan fried with homemade teriyaki sauce it was delicious!!

Wow almost looks ocean fresh.  Congrates!

What a beauty.

I guess that's the official ringing of the Gong.

That will be it for peaceful water until late November.

Yup, that Spring is as nice as they get - for a Whitey that is.

Nice spring. There are fish trickling in. But slow. Need to be patient for sure. One hatch ho and a marble jack.

zap brannigan:
lots of springs sunday morning went home with 3 coho, and a few more yesterday morning.


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